2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact ETL Listed
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2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact ETL Listed

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  • For Narrow Application Sensor on .75″ Wide Fully Supervised Rare Earth MagnetSupports Internal and External 345 MHz ETL Listed
  • For use with the 2GIG Alarm System
  • Can be installed on doors windows and many other objects that open and close
  • Has an external input that accepts N/C dry contact devices
  • Equipped with a cover tamper for additional security


Install a 2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact to protect your home by using time-tested technology and placing it within ceilings and door frames. This ETL-listed device uses technology that makes it instantly able to detect openings of doors and windows and alerts you in the event of an unauthorized entry. Its slim design allows it to easily fit even in small spaces such as window sills and door frames.

Peace of Mind: Keep your home and family safe with this 2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact ETL Listed. This device provides reliable security monitoring and will alert you if a door or window is opened. With easy installation, setting up a secure environment doesn’t have to be complicated.

Secure Monitoring: Enjoy the convenience of knowing that your home is safe and monitored 24/7. The 2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact ETL Listed has an advanced sensor that lets you know when windows or doors are opened with an immediate alert.

Compatibility: This contact will work with most standard alarm systems and is ETL listed for safety. It’s compatible with 2GIG wireless receivers, Z-Wave controllers, and other wireless security systems so that you can get the most out of your home security system.

Easy Installation: Installing the 2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact ETL Listed is easy because it’s designed to fit on most standard doors or windows without any additional hardware. Plus, it only takes minutes to set up and you can easily adjust settings as needed.

High-Quality Design: The 2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact ETL Listed is made of durable materials which make it resistant to wear and tear so you don’t have to worry about replacing it anytime soon. Additionally, its sleek design makes it aesthetically pleasing in any home setting.

Are you looking for an upgrade to an existing security system or seeking to design a brand new one from scratch? The 2GIG DW10 Injection-Link Thin Door Window Contact, which is available here, is ideal for the job. Experiencing the benefits of cutting-edge technology now — place your order and begin enjoying your clearer tomorrow.

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‎1.03 x 0.49 x 2.59 inches

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‎2 Lithium Metal batteries required.





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June 26, 2010



10 reviews for 2GIG DW10 Thin Door Window Contact ETL Listed

  1. Jeff J

    Works perfectly with Vivint home security systemsWorks perfectly with Vivint home security systems. Vivint will sell you a version similar for double the cost. Just by these and add as many as you want to the system. You will need to buy extra batteries as the ones that come with the unit will only last for 6-8 months. With new batteries you can get years of service.

  2. Sel

    Works great!Very easy to install, I just wish it would have came with some spacers for the doors that are deeper inside the frame.

  3. 1911A1

    Works with VivintHigh quality sensor that paired up perfectly with my Vivint system!

  4. drgnbttrfly

    Shorter antennae than larger wireless contacts but good at over 2500sfUsed by Vivint and Moni it was relatively easy to place and program. It can be screwed in or glued down with double sided tape. My installer used super glue where screwing down contacts wasn’t possible. He said it’s less likely to shift from extreme temperatures which can cause false alarms. It comes with screws and fitted adhesive strips in the box. I bought several extra sensors because it was about fifty dollars cheaper to place these myself, each. I watched the installer do some. Then I did what he did. The instructions are on the box, but to code the alarm panel you call your company. They run you through the steps and make sure it works by putting both pieces together and apart to ensure the panel recognizes them. You decide if you want it to be a perimeter alarm or not, which basically means if it is armed when your home its perimeter. If it’s armed then you are away, it isn’t. After you are sure they work, place them where you want them. The small piece goes on the part that moves the most. Double doors, you put the large piece on the least used door and the small piece on the door used regularly. On windows that means the small piece is usually on the moving part of the window. After placement of the contacts run a rest from your panel to be sure it alarms when armed. I like to keep all of my name’s on so it speaks any perimeter break, except motion sensors. This makes testing easier. I run through all of it armed and disarmed. I was able to discover one of my motion sensors was programmed to weakly and fixed that. It seems complicated, but after a few run throughs you won’t be intimidated.I liked these on several of my windows. I had previously had larger older ones, but they interfered with my vertical blinds. I talked to the installer that came to my house about the older ones that are bigger like a matchbox bus. He said they still make and sell them and they are great for range if you are getting farther away from your panel and you are worried about connectivity. However, I have these smaller ones placed as far away from my panel as possible and the range is still green (good). Thrse are so much slimmer than the old ones. They are about 1/3 the thickness and don’t interfere with window coverings at all. It takes the same batteries as most keyfobs. It has a plastic pull tab that you remove to activate the internal battery. Because of the very low energy requirements, the batteries can last years. I keep an extra package of all the batteries my alarm needs in case of power failure on the panels and middle of the night alerts that a battery died in a remote window. That chirpy reminder is evil like a smoke detector at 3am.You need to know the number of zones your panel has. There are a limited number. You don’t want to purchase sensors you can’t use. Keyfobs and emergency buttons do not count against your zone numbers.These sensors can be hard wired, and a little wire us included with limited instructions, but that is out of my depth.I have no complaints, and would purchase again.

  5. aileen reymundi

    SensorConfiguro rapido con mi alarma

  6. Later2u

    Switches work great on my 2GIG system….I bought these because I damaged the tamper portion of the switch on the original switch that was already installed when I was changing the batteries.These worked well and had no problem integrating these into my alarm system, 2GIG.I want to post a few pictures to help future buyers on what they might receive.Second picture shows that whatever serial number that was given these was covered up. These did not have serial numbers associated with them. Which means you will need to have the system learn the new switch, not a big deal. It worked for me.First picture shows the difference between the original I was replacing and the new one. The new one has two batteries and is bigger as opposed to the original one.Third picture shows the difference in the magnetic switch. New one is more industrial. I used the original and it works fine. You may need to readjust it’s position to the new switch.Below is a step by step on how to change a switch in an established system. For a new system, it is similar. There are YouTube videos to help you.2GIG Sensor ReplacementCode: 2216Log in to Installer Tool Box and select System ConfigurationQ1 is for wireless sensorsChoose Sensor to be replaced: RIGHT ARROW to scroll or type in using keypadDOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: 01: exit/entry (30sec), 02: exit/entry (45sec), 03: Perimeter (Window)DOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: Equipment Code: Select (0862) 2GIG thin door/window contactDOWN ARROWSerial Number for contact: Enter in serial number using keypadORPrepare contact by pulling battery tab, close sensor (sensor and magnet together)Press Shift then Learn: Panel ready for transmissionTrigger sensor by opening and closing sensorVerify panel has registered sensor and verify id/serial number, ensure no other sensor has been triggered during this process.Press OK: Serial number will be shown in answer boxDOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: (0) New (new sensor)(already selected)DOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: Select Loop Number: Loop (1) wired contact, Loop (2) wireless, Loop (3) not usedDOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: Enable dialer delay: (0) disabled, (1) enableDOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: Voice descriptor: No change if replacing sensor, for new sensor onlyDOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: Send reports to central station: (1) enableDOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: Monitor Supervisory Signal: (1) enableDOWN ARROWRIGHT ARROW: Chime options: Scroll to choose option wantedDOWN ARROWSummary Page: Review all information is correct, press EDIT to make changes, or Skip to next pagePRESS ENDPRESS EXIT: Check box “save changes” will be already checked. Uncheck if needed.SYSTEM WILL REBOOTSensor programming is COMPLETE

  7. mark liguori

    Easy install and it comes with a batteryAt first glance the sensor looks cheaply made but it programs easily and works fine

  8. Rafael Arroyo

    Replacement sensorWe have Vivint home security. Easy to set up. Have had them for about a year now and no issues to report. Will definitely purchase agin. Compatible with vivint.

  9. mms

    It works great for my windowsIt works great for my windows. If you’re tight on space where the magnet should be placed you can pry up the plastic holding the magnet, take it out and just stick the magnet (with the provided double-sided tape).

  10. Yibing W.

    product not workinggot refund including the shipping fee.

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