2GIG XCVR2 900MHz Transceiver for TS1 (White)
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2GIG XCVR2 900MHz Transceiver for TS1 (White)

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2GIGSecurity SystemEnables wireless communication with the TS1 keypad for convenient operation, ensures that the security system remains connected and functional, compact design saves space and makes installation easy, sleek White color matches well with most d├ęcor styles


Upgrade your home security system with the 2GIG XCVR2 900MHz Transceiver for TS1. This cutting-edge transceiver provides reliable communication and long-range transmission up to 500 feet. It is designed to handle multiple frequency bands so you can stay connected in any environment. With its low power consumption and easy installation, you’ll be able to experience superior, worry-free home protection in no time.

Broad Range of Frequency: The 2GIG XCVR2 900MHz Transceiver for TS1 (White) is an excellent choice for a broad range of frequency applications. With a maximum range of up to 500 feet, this transceiver provides an uninterrupted transmission with superior performance and reliability.

Enhanced Durability: This transceiver is built with quality materials to ensure enhanced durability and reliability. It has a sturdy construction that allows it to withstand harsh weather conditions, making it perfect for outdoor use.

Easy Installation: The 2GIG XCVR2 900MHz Transceiver for TS1 (White) is easy to install and does not require any complex setup. It can be connected directly to the antenna port on your radio for quick assembly and hassle-free operation.

Secure Transmission: This transceiver offers secure transmission of data with minimal interference from other sources. It uses reliable encryption algorithms that protect sensitive information from unauthorized access or interception by potential threats.

User-Friendly Interface: The intuitive user interface makes it easy to control the 2GIG XCVR2 900MHz Transceiver for TS1 (White). You can easily monitor signal strength, adjust settings, and access features with just a few simple clicks of your mouse or keyboard.

Look at our latest 2GIG XCVR2 or solicit the system’s power and credibility by purchasing it today. You’ll be satisfied with the power this system can give your system once it’s in place. Order now!

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8 reviews for 2GIG XCVR2 900MHz Transceiver for TS1 (White)

  1. PaidGeek

    Bought to Setup 2GIG TS1 and a GoBridge IP CommunicatorInitial Review: 3/23/2018I bought the XCVR2 900MHZ transceiver to setup both a 2GIG TS1 Panel and a GoBridge IP Communicator. The instructions for install we’re simple to follow, but make sure the 2GIG GC2 panel has all it’s power sources, battery and adapter, disconnected. If you are like me and your panel was installed with the power adapter wires wired directly into the panel you will need a small phillips head to unscrew the wires prior to installing the transceiver. All in all the setup was easier than I expected, but I believe that all new 2GIG GC2 panels should come with this installed.

  2. Jamman2041

    Works as advertised. Be careful when installing.I have installed these units before in my system. One thing to remember is to make sure you have all pins aligned and pushed in before closing you keypad. If the pins are not aligned properly this thing heats up like a hot potato. Once you get the alignment right it works like a charm.

  3. Ben B.

    Better than standard receiver…Got this transceiver module today, took about ten minutes to put in. I don’t have the TS1 keypads, yet, but this module seems to get much better reception from the wireless sensors. With the old module, I showed 2 or 3 out of 5 bars for signal strength, and with this new one, throughout the house, I show 5 of 5 bars. I didn’t have any problems with reception before, but once I installed this module, I tested all of the sensors, and found full strength on every one of them. Can’t wait to get the TS1 keypads to go in my garage and shop…

  4. Nicole and Bryce

    Had to buy it…I don’t know why they don’t just put these things in to begin with. They are necessary to control any additional TS1 units and pretty much anybody is going to want to be able to turn on/off their alarm from more than one location. It was easy to install and works well.

  5. Xman71

    It works as intendedRelaticely simple install, just follow the included instructions & you’re good. Replaced standard XCVR module. Necessary if you want to use the 2Gig IP Communicator. Because ot includes 2 radios, all of the other devices can still communicate with the 2Gig Go Control panel.

  6. Hector Reyes

    ExcellentAs describe easy to install

  7. Jack

    Needed OneNeeded one to work with my 2gig bridge. Will be getting the TS1 soon too. Works great.

  8. KrisM3

    so it was recommended I replace the transceiverReceived revision B, works well. My control panel was reporting loss of supervision on all sensors, so it was recommended I replace the transceiver. Easy to swap and fixed my issue.

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