Honeywell Home 719 Self-Contained Dual-Tone 15W Electronic Siren
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Honeywell Home 719 Self-Contained Dual-Tone 15W Electronic Siren

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Brand Usage Benefits
Honeywell Home Standalone or paired with alarm panel for enhanced sound output Dual-tone sound, self-contained design, reliable power options, programmable sound patterns, remote triggering, weather-resistant construction

The Honeywell Home 719 Self-Contained Dual-Tone 15W Electronic Siren is the perfect addition to any home or business security system. Its dual-tone sound output ensures maximum audibility during emergencies, while its self-contained design and tamper-resistant cover makes installation hassle-free.

With different sound patterns and reliable power options, this siren is a versatile tool that can be remotely triggered and programmed to fit different security needs. Its durable and weather-resistant construction makes it a reliable choice for both indoor and outdoor use.


Product Information:

  • Brand: Honeywell Home
  • Model: 719
  • Type: Self-contained electronic siren
  • Power: 15W
  • Sound output: Dual-tone
  • Dimensions: 7.9 x 8.0 x 9.2 inches
  • Weight: 6.25 pounds

Product Usage:

  • Used as a standalone siren or paired with an alarm panel to enhance the alarm system’s sound output.
  • Ideal for homes, businesses, and other properties requiring audible alerts for security and emergency situations.

Features and Benefits:

  • Dual-tone sound output for better audibility and attention-grabbing during emergencies.
  • Self-contained design with tamper-resistant cover for easy installation without requiring separate housing or cover.
  • Can be wired to an external power supply or use the built-in battery backup for added reliability.
  • Can be programmed to emit different sound patterns for different types of alerts.
  • Can be remotely triggered by an alarm panel or other security devices.
  • Durable and weather-resistant construction for outdoor or indoor use.


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