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The Napco FWC-CNV-PULL2 is a reliable and durable two-wire fire alarm pull station, providing quick and easy activation of the fire alarm system without the need for a power source.


The Napco FWC-CNV-PULL2 is a fire alarm system component designed for use with fire alarm control panels. This device is a dual action pull station that requires two actions to activate an alarm, helping to prevent false alarms. The FWC-CNV-PULL2 is also compatible with a variety of control panels and comes with a break glass rod and key.

Product Usage:

The Napco FWC-CNV-PULL2 is commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings as part of the fire alarm system. It is typically installed near exits or areas where people are likely to see and access it in case of an emergency.


  • Dual action pull station helps prevent false alarms
  • Compatible with a variety of fire alarm control panels
  • Comes with a break glass rod and key


  • Accurate and reliable fire monitoring with reduced false alarms
  • Versatile compatibility with a range of control panels
  • Easy to use and maintain with included break glass rod and key


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