Sling Media Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter
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Sling Media Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter

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BrandDish Network
Hardware InterfaceEthernet
Compatible DevicesDesktop
Item Dimensions LxWxH4.5 x 3.2 x 1 inches
Item Weight0.27 Pounds
  • Connect Dish Network 612, 622,722 receivers to your high speed Internet
  • When you have this item connected you don’t need a phone line
  • Order pay per view and Dish on line shows
  • This works great to watch your shows away from home.


Introducing the Sling Media Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter! This amazing device allows you to extend your home network connection over existing electrical wiring, giving you all the benefits of an Ethernet connection with minimal effort. You can now enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds and reliable network connection with no need for extra cables.

This adapter is perfect for homes, offices, dorms, and any other place where you need a reliable and fast network connection. With the Sling Media Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter, you can enjoy the following features and benefits:

– High-speed data transfer of up to 85 Mbps
– Easy setup that requires no drilling or extra cabling
– Compatible with most Ethernet-enabled devices
– A single adapter supports up to four devices

– Enjoy blazing-fast internet speeds in your home or office
– Cut down on installation time and cost with no need for extra cables
– Connect multiple devices with a single adapter
– Reliable network connection that won’t slow down your connection

Don’t miss out on this amazing device from Xcessoryzone. Get your Sling Media Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter today and experience the convenience of a fast and reliable network connection! Shop now at Xcessoryzone.

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‎Dish Network

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Item Weight

‎4.3 ounces

Product Dimensions

‎4.5 x 3.2 x 1 inches

Item Dimensions LxWxH

‎4.5 x 3.2 x 1 inches





Date First Available

‎March 17, 2008


‎Dish Network

10 reviews for Sling Media Slinglink Turbo W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter

  1. Yosh

    Works like a charm!This device works great and is truly plug-and-play. Speeds are pretty but good but they’re obviously slower than when connected to the modem/router directly. For whatever reason I cannot get WiFi signals to travel through the walls in my house and maintain any kind of decent connection speed. I started looking for alternatives and decided to try this out. I have a modem/router combo at one end of the house then I connected a 2nd wireless router at the other end of the house using two of these Slinglink devices. I have a 40/5 DSL service and when I’m connected through the Slinglink I am getting about 9 download and 4 upload which is actually pretty decent, fast enough for most everyday uses (streaming, etc.).I expected slower speeds since this has to send the signal through multiple electrical circuits in the house and through power outlets which other devices are drawing from. I tried this in a couple of different outlets and found one had a better connection speed than another since it is “upstream” on that electrical circuit. If you don’t need extremely fast speeds and just need to connect devices around the house without running cable this is a great option.

  2. Robert

    This is a Solid SolutionSummary – These Plug-and-Surf devices work well at high data rates. You need two to start, but can add on more devices individually.Background – I have a 4200 Square Foot Home. Due to the placement of the cable modem and VOIP connection, the wireless router is in the basement. This was causing speed issues, especially with Over the Top Video Services such as Amazon Prime, Netflix, Apple TV, etc. on the second floor.Application – I had heard about this product, but like many others was not sure. When Woot! offered a deal on a SlingBox (

    Sling Media Slingbox SOLO (SB260-100)

    ) and two Slinglinks (

    Slinglink Turbo 1PORT Enet Connection Bridge (SL 150-100)

    ) for $99, I thought that it was worth the cost to try since I wanted a SlingBox for my daughter at College. Since I had multiple items in my media cabinet I wanted to support (SlingBox, Apple TV (


    ]), Sony BluRay) and these devices only have ONE Ethernet jack, I was cautious because I wanted to make sure these devices would support a Ethernet Switch. I will skip the drama, and tell you that they do, turning a single data port into 4 or 7 (depending on the switch you purchase). 

    TRENDnet 5-Port GREENnet Switch (5 x 10/100Mbps Auto-MDIX RJ-45 Ports) TE100-S50g (Black Metal)

    Installation – I installed one of these in the basement near the router and the other in the Master Bedroom Sitting area. One was installed into a wall outlet directly, the other on a un-switched extension cord. NOTE – These can not be plugged into a surge suppressor, GFI, or power strip per the manufacturer’s instructions. They are very clear about this, so when I read reviews complaining that you could not do this, I was a bit surprised that people complained that it did not work. This placed both devices at the far ends of a large house, so I knew this would be a good test of the capabilities. I had also read that other people had experienced issues with devices like this not being on the same circuit in the past. Both of these devices were not only on different circuits, but on different breaker panels. This is a newer home, so the quality of the wiring was good (Romex 3/12 and 3/14). I connected the unit in the bedroom to a five port switch, wired up the devices, and started streaming. IT WAS EASIER THAN ANY WIRELESS SET-UP I have ever done!Results – I ran the SlingBox, the Apple TV (Netflix Movie), and the BluRay (Amazon Prime) simultaneously each streaming HD to my LG Flat Panel and my iPAD using Sling Player (which you have to pay extra for, but that is a pricing issue I have with the SlingBox, not this product). The Slingbox was slinging back the DirecTV HD broadcast. The iPad was connected to a wireless repeater in the master bedroom via N. All of the pictures were PERFECT and the iPad Sling content was the highest quality I had ever received. Later, I tried it on the road from a hotel room. Again, great results on the SlingBox.Expansion – Since the first purchase, I added one of these devices to the media cabinet in the Great Room. Again to a switch to support multiple devices. Again, same high quality results and easy set-up. These are Plug-and-Surf. Ultimately you are sharing a 85MB/sec feed, so each device reduces that bandwidth, but since most home internet connections are at 10 MBS down and 4 MBS up (Mine is 40 Down and 10 Up), you can have around eight of these on your network before you have divided out all of the bandwidth. Even then, no device uses anywhere close to the maximum on a regular basis.New uses – To expand my Wifi Network, I have purchased a fourth unit. I plan on setting up an upstairs WiFi Router (with DHCP disabled) to expand my wireless network. Obviously, I am very pleased with the results. I will follow up on this newer application I am trying.Recommendation – Not only would I buy this product again, but continue to buy this product to expand/simplify my home network (4 and counting). I would recommend this to a friend.

  3. Benji Maxwell

    I am a believer nowI never thought I would switch from wireless to a wired connection again but my wireless setup was causing me more and more problems. At first I thought it was my ISP but when I connect my laptop directly to the modem with a ethernet cable i get close to what the speed the ISP claim (15Mbps I get ~14Mbps). I even bought a Wireless N router from a G setup. Even with the N router set to run only on N @ 5Ghz my connection was still chopping. There would be times (especially in the evening) when the kids and family are home that the internet just hangs and finally times out. I even restricted all other MAC addresses and put the network on invisible mode but with no luck.I came across the SlingLink turbo because when i switched to Dish Network, it provided one for the DVR and it was the cheapest alternative to testing this so called “powerline ethernet” since i only had to purchase one other adapter instead of buying a set of them to test it out. It would of costed me about seventy bucks to try something that I don’t know how well it will work.Installation was easy just plug it in and within seconds my laptop acquired a connection. Good, but i was very disappointed at first. Regular browser internet was snappy but when I went on Youtube (which was initially why I wanted a better connection) videos would not load right. It would just hang after loading a few seconds. Even when videos did load, it would by at 240i resolution. Which is worse than my N wireless connection since I was able to watch 480p and 720p (very slow loading) videos on that. Netflix would not load right too. After 2 days I was reading to return this product and just go back to wireless N. But somehow on day 3 everything just seemed to gel together. I went on Youtube and 480p videos just loaded until my laptop can no longer buffer. 720p loaded as i chose just a few secs to get the buffer going and then it was streaming with no problem. Netflix videos loads too and in HD if available. I also have a couple tabs open of Youtube videos while I watch a video with no hiccups.Now I am solely running the powerline for my Mac and can confirm that Airplay works even when the Macbook is on ethernet. I would never go back to wireless now. My advice is to give the powerline adapter to somehow adapt and find the best connection to the other adapters in your house like what happened in my case. Previously when I had wireless N my speed was about 7Mbps ( and now with my SlingLink i am always getting greater than 10Mbps. Def a great investment but can get expensive for every laptop in the house. I think I might get another one for my AppleTV so I can Airplay HD files to my TV.

  4. Burcrim

    Poor SpeedsI had one Turbo powerline left over from a previous DISH DVR so rather than running 100ft cat 6 throughout the house I thought I could just purchase another one of these adapters and improve my network speeds at the other end of the house by the main TV, Hopper and Bluray player, all of which currently connect via wifi. When hooked up and connected to two separate outlets in the same room I was seeing 20+ Mbps DL speeds which is still well under half of what I’m getting directly at the router. When moving one adapter to another room (still upstairs) this speed dropped to under 10 Mbps and once moved to it’s intended location downstairs the observed speeds were only around 4 Mbps. Seeing as my wifi speeds at that location are significantly higher, I will be returning this adapter and going the hard wire route.I didn’t give 0-1 stars as I realize some of this maybe due to older wiring or circuits in my home, but I am still disappointed that the speeds for this adapter are not documented anywhere, unlike the numerous other products that all accomplish the same purpose and state their speeds (albeit theoretical sometimes!).

  5. Kindle Customer

    SlingLink Turbow W1 Ethernet Over Power Adapter Rules!I ordered this having had bad luck with powerline adapters previously so I was nervous. I had gotten 1 of them from Dishnetwork but did not need it, the tech just left it at the house. After reading what it was for I decided to put in in an office that I have in a garage separate from my house. As it says in the pictures, some look like the one in the picture but some are just black and a little smaller.So, when it came I literally went to my Motorola combo Doscis 3.0 Router/Modem and plugged the ethernet cable in to it and plugged it into an outlet. (not a power strip). I then came out to my office, plugged the other one into the wall, plugged the ethernet cable from it, into the back of the computer and literally had instantaneous broadband connection. I usually get 10-14mbps during daytime and 5-7mbps at night when bandwith is being hogged and right of the bat I was getting 6mbps!I will check it tomorrow but overall 6mbps is enough to do most skype and download and stream what I need to so I am happy.Overall rating I gave was cause it was so cheap and I have no doubt can carry at least 10 mbps when the bandwith is there from Time Warner.I think if you have trouble using this product it is because you dont have it plugged in to an outlet, but are using a power strip.Update:Okay, it is next day and I have had a chance to test this product a little more. I am still really happy with it, but the speeds are a little slower than what I expected. I primarily blame this on the wiring in my older home but I am not sure if that is the case. My internet provider is getting me 20mbps in my house connected directly to the modem, which is also a wireless router. I paid alot for a motorola surfboard that had doscis 3.0 technology and also has the wireless router built in. In fact, I am only paying TW Cable for 10mbps, but with this router I consistently get 15mbps even at night when everyone is streaming in my neighborhood. Anyway, I cannot seem to get above 6mbps with the sling link turbo. That is not a major problem since I do not do a lot of streaming in my work office.I think that we need to realize that the wiring in your house can play a huge part in this equation and just 3-4 years ago, I thought 5mbps was crazy fast….Still A Fan of the Sling Link!

  6. MJM

    In certain places works perfect other outlets not so much.The device worked great in one of my outlets, I tried another in 2 other outlets but it did not work. I did verify by putting it in the outlet the first one worked in and it worked fine so I know the device was not defective. I have not had time to figure out why it only works in one outlet so far. my TV is with Dish and it uses the same product to provide internet to the Joey’s and it seems to work fine. One of the plugs I was using was one the Joey worked on so go figure.

  7. C. Milliken

    SlingLink Works Like A CharmAfter so many problems with the wireless router provided by my ISP, I was considering wiring my house with a CAT5e network. I woke up one morning and saw the SlingLink box DISH Network had installed to allow my set top boxes to communicate with my router blinking away. It dawned on me that using a few more of these things I should be able to do the same for all of the computers in my house.So I purchased one to test my theory and it worked like a charm. I decided to purchase two more, including one for my Roku set top box. No more dropped signals, no more slowness, and no crawling around in the attic to wire the whole house. The wiring is already done! The SlingLink boxes use your home’s electrical wiring to communicate with each other.You’ll need at least two SlingLink boxes, one for the router and one for each computer or other device you want to connect to the internet (recent DISH customers probably already have one on the router since their set top boxes have SlingLink built in).Plug one directly into the wall (DO NOT plug it into a surge protector, it won’t work) and run the included network cable to your router. Plug another one in and run the network cable to your computer or other device’s network adapter. Your router treats anything on SlingLink as if it were plugged directly into it. Nothing else to set up. It’s easy, fast and works great!

  8. Cheap

    Not intuitive, but quite effective.I regard myself as technically adept, so I thought I’d try my hand at this before reading the directions. The result was total failure so I spent 20 minutes searching on for an explanation of how this thing is supposed to work. Then I read the directions and had the same result, total failure even having reviewed the instructions… Fearing abject failure I read the fine print regarding GFCI and surge protectors (I had been plugging the device into a surge protector.) After I plugged the Dish Receiver directly into the wall everything worked as advertised. I’m not sure I’m happy that I no longer have any surge protection, but I definitely have internet at my Dish receiver now. Overall, the device isn’t intuitive, but it works fine. I’d suggest it to anyone, provided they were the type to read instructions (thoroughly).

  9. Music-ean

    Needs just one more line of instructionsI bought 3 of these, one for a wireless router, another for a Dish VIP722 receiver (allows me to connect the Dish VIP without exposing it directly to non-surge-suppressed power), and another for a laptop. Wouldn’t work at first, until I found a suggestion that it might not work if you have a 6-to-1 adapter at your wall outlet. I had a 3-to-1 adapter at the router, and a 3-to-1 adapter at both the laptop and at the Dish VIP722. Once those were removed they finally worked. Too bad they didn’t add 1 more line about this issue to the instructions, right after that direction NOT to connect it to a typical surge suppressor. Would have saved me 20 minutes of searching on the internet troubleshooting. The SlingLink Turbo W1s are on 3 different electric circuit breakers, but connections seem to work fine.

  10. Ryan

    Perfect solutionWorks excellently! Are you trying to get internet access somewhere and Wi-Fi just isn’t cutting it? Just plug one box into Eeyore Outlet near your modem and plug your ethernet cord from the modem into your new Jack in the outlet your house is now running the signal through the wiring in your home as if you had a very long Ethernet cable. You take the second Slingbox and plug it in are you on your Internet to be at and make sure that isn’t plugged into surge protector it can be plugged into an outlet it can be plugged into an extension cord that’s plugged into an outlet even it just can’t have the surge protector in between it. Now you have a ethernet Jack anywhere you want in your home and you can plug it straight into your device or into a tp-link switch so that you can plug up to4 or five devices into it as if you are plugging it’s directly into your router granted you do lose speed but it’s manageable I use this for my IP camera a computer and my Xbox and it works great

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