2GIG-TILT1-345 2GIG Tilt Sensor
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2GIG-TILT1-345 2GIG Tilt Sensor

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2GIG Provides additional security monitoring for doors, windows, and other access points to prevent unauthorized entry. Provides a quick and easy installation process, detects even minor changes in angle, and has a wireless connectivity option for compatibility with 2GIG security systems.


Usage: The 2GIG Tilt Sensor detects movement and changes in angle up to 45 degrees and can be used for a wide range of security applications in both residential and commercial settings. The device operates wirelessly at a 345 MHz frequency, making it compatible with 2GIG security systems.


  • Tilt sensor designed for doors, windows, garage doors, and other access points
  • Detects movement and changes in angle up to 45 degrees
  • Small size and easy to install with included mounting bracket and screws
  • Long battery life of up to 5 years with a replaceable CR2032 battery
  • Operates wirelessly at 345 MHz frequency to connect with 2GIG security systems


  • Additional layer of security monitoring for access points to prevent unauthorized entry
  • Quick and easy installation process with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Detects even minor changes in angle to provide accurate information about changes in status
  • Long battery life and replaceable battery make maintenance easy and hassle-free
  • Wireless connectivity enables compatibility with 2GIG security systems for a more robust security solution.

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