GoControl Z-Wave Dimmable LED Indoor Flood Light
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GoControl Z-Wave Dimmable LED Indoor Flood Light

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GoControlLED Indoor Flood LightEnergy-efficient, Z-Wave compatible, creates cozy atmosphere, long lifespan, dimmable, 2-year warranty


Product Information:

  • The product is an indoor LED flood light that can be dimmed using Z-Wave technology.
  • The light emits a warm white color temperature of 2700K and has a brightness output of 935 lumens.
  • The product is designed to work with Z-Wave certified hubs or controllers.
  • The light bulb has a estimated lifespan of 25,000 hours and uses only 12 watts of energy.
  • The product is compatible with dimming switches and has an adjustable brightness level to fit any mood or occasion.


  • The GoControl Z-Wave Dimmable LED Indoor Flood Light can be used to provide high-quality indoor lighting in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces.
  • The light bulb is controllable via Z-Wave technology, allowing users to easily adjust the brightness level for different activities such as reading, relaxing, or entertaining.


  • Z-Wave technology for wireless control and connectivity
  • Warm white color temperature of 2700K
  • 935 lumens of brightness output
  • Estimated lifespan of 25,000 hours
  • Dimming capabilities for adjustable brightness levels
  • Energy efficient design using only 12 watts of power


  • Provides high-quality indoor lighting that can be easily adjusted to fit any mood or occasion
  • Energy efficient design helps to save money on energy bills
  • Long lifespan of 25,000 hours means you won’t have to replace the bulb often
  • Z-Wave technology allows for easy wireless control and connectivity


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